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E-Swap terminals allow the player to change their chips, as a kind of ATM.

These terminals are at set locations (Usually in the upper areas of each district) that make you trade 2 or more lower chips for a percentage chance of getting a higher ranked chip.

There is one terminal in the Fusty Game Place that can only be used online and will always give you a 98% chance of trading to a better item.

In the Gamer HQ there are 5 "rigged" terminals that act as normal but will always give you a specific chip type depending on the machine unless it fails.

  • Cannot trade only 1 chip, it will not let you.
  • 30% for 2 chips
  • 48% for 3 chips
  • 70% for 4 chips
  • 88% for 5 chips

There is another E-Swap that only lets you trade chips for flavor chips. They are for your pet's satiety and satisfaction.

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